Adrienne (Andi) Allen grew up in the small town of Holtville, California and graduated from the University of San Diego.  After years in the financial services industry she began working in education which gave her more time for creativity. She is constantly creating and enjoys trying out new artistic styles and mediums. In addition to her work depicted here, she also works as a professional face painter and henna artist. Adrienne makes her home in Southern California along with her daughter and dog, Sandy Eggo.  Both are frequent subject matters in her work.

2 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Raye Malzhan

    I simply adore your positive, beautiful work! You are a rare, colorful presence in an increasingly dull and divisive world. May you live long, and prosper!

  2. andi

    Well thank you for your sweet words dear friend. I somehow missed your comment and was delighted hear such kindness today. You too are a shining light!

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