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Pinked Clothing Female Empowerment – Half of all profits in this Teespring store are donated directly to charities including Planned Parenthood, The Trevor Project and the Transgender Law Center. Also available on TeePublic Pinked at Teepublic.







More Laundry Humorous and Societal Statement Clothing


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Avocado Toast Wedding







Temecula Rise and Resist


Long Hare Don’t Care
Becky with the Good Hare






Brown Hare Don’t Care
Figs Before Pigs






Natural Hare Don’t Care
Short Hare Don’t Care








Feminist Tattoo                        She Persisted


I Am Woman                          Rainbow Ally


Think Math                              Lab Woman


Russian Hackers                   Women for President


Hear Me Roar                          The Resistance


Hipster Baby Resist

Hipster Resist


LGBT Female Pride                         Trump Troll


     ImPeach Him                           She Persisted


Cute Kitty Grabs Back                 Nasty Lady Liberty


      Edgy Feminist                     Protest New Brunch


     Kitty Grabs Back                     Pee Next to Me